Our mission: Helping you to leverage the power of social media content in real-time.

Every second, we collect, analyse and enrich thousands of social media posts to provide our clients with the most efficient and actionable analytics. Our solutions enable our clients to publicly integrate our analytical indicators on any kind of display.

Vigiglobe : helping you to leverage the power of social media content in real-time

Human and artificial intelligence

You can find a lot of softwares on the market claiming to be able to measure the sentiment contained in messages shared on social networks accurately. The reality is unfortunately quite different! Our team of Linguists and AI experts have developed algorithms that can bring the best of both worlds: the complexity of the Human brain and the efficiency of a powerful machine-learning process.

Topic centric

Our approach to text-mining is Topic driven. The context is a key element for the accuracy of our analysis. In fact, our research shows that people express themselves differently when they talk about Brands, Politics or Sport. Therefore, we spend the time needed to construct corpuses of tens of thousands of manually coded messages to teach our algorithms to distinguish between subject matters and take into account specificities like emotions, irony or technical jargons.

The Team

The strength of our solutions lies both in the quality and the complementarity of our team members. Our R&D department includes top-class PhDs in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and our team of experienced and innovative Developers are able to take the most challenging projects on board.

Leendert de Voogd
Leendert de VoogdChief Executive Officer
Laurent Dehasse
Laurent DehasseHead of Sales and Partnerships
Arnaud Quivoron
Arnaud QuivoronProject Manager
Clémence Roux
Clémence RouxBusiness Developer
Matthieu Sprunck
Matthieu SprunckSenior Software Engineer
Julien Perez
Julien PerezSystem Administrator
Guillaume Ereteo
Guillaume EreteoPh.D in Computer Science - Web Semantic Expert
Romain Gregorio
Romain GregorioArtistic Director
Pierre Baille
Pierre BailleSoftware Engineer