image_#BTTF_delorean_dashboard30 years ago… The Future looked like this!

October 21st 2015: the date Marty McFly and Doc chose to travel into the future thanks to their specially prepared DeLorean DMC-12! Today, Twitterers celebrate this memorable date, a key highlight of the “Back to the future” movie produced 30 years ago by Robert Zemeckis.As any fan of this movie (and we all are!), we wanted to catch in real-time the huge buzz around this event. Fasten your seat belts and let’s go back to this expected future through the lens of our WIZR™ interface in order to analyse the content of the massive number Tweets posted throughout the day!

Back To The Future October 21st 2015 Twitter burst!


Our Brand Tracker module which tracks the penetration of more than 20.000 brands within a universe of social media conversations, showed very interesting results. Even 30 years after the movie was produced, 3 out of the TOP5 brands mentioned in nearly 3 millions Tweets were Nike, Toyota and Pepsi. This makes these 3 product placements probably one of the most profitable and long-lasting ROI ever !

Discover some of our Tweets during the Back To The Future 21st of October 2015 celebration