Yes, we knew the results the day before!

23 June 2016 was a turning point in the history of the European Union and its long-dated though complicated relationship with the United Kingdom.

On that critical day, 34 millions UK citizens turned out into the voting bureaux to decide whether the UK should remain or leave the EU.

And the outcome was in favour of the #VoteLeave with 51.89% of the votes, making this EU Referendum a leap step in world’s history.

Of course, VIGIGLOBE has analyzed in real-time the evolution of the Twitter conversations around this #EUReferendum, its main leaders and the two contesting sides.

With our partner KANTAR (@kantar), we have been tracking on how people talked about more than 140 political leaders in the United Kingdom and of course the #EURef was one of the key topic around these discussion several weeks before the actual vote. We allowed KANTAR to share this powerful tool on their public website (see and to communicate in real-time on the various key insights they identified during the campaign, the voting day, the result days and the post BREXIT era.

We also partnered with TNS opinion (@tnsopinion) and some European Universities and market research experts regrouped under the “EU ENGAGE” consortium (@EuEngageProject) to analyze specifically Twitter discussions in all languages on #BREXIT, #EURef and the two opposing sides #VoteRemain and #VoteLeave. The tool was made public on a few days before voting day.

What can be outlined from our real-time BREXIT Twitter analysis are the following 4 elements:

1/ Twitter users predicted the outcome of the #EUReferendum the night before results were confirmed

When digging into the EU Engage real-time public analytical dashboard, VIGIGLOBE predicted at the end of the voting day (on June 23 at 7:14pm UK time) that the #VoteLeave would overtake.

2/ Real-time social media analysis live during the events showed the strong engagement from the Twitter-sphere on this major political event

Analyzing the millions of reactions of Twitterers to the results of this #EURef was shared on the public tools of both of our partners KANTAR and EU ENGAGE, allowing to quantify and qualify the heat of public opinion on the #VoteLeave victory.

The first day following the #EURef was not only a turning point in terms of results of this vote. The early announcement of the resignation of the British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron (@David_Cameron) generated intense reactions on Twitter:

The reach of the #VoteLeave quickly crossed the channel and many national discussions on Twitter in other European countries made the buzz, like the impact on Mrs. Marine LePen (@MLP_officiel), leader of the Front National in France (@FN_Officiel) who was the most mentioned political leader in France (among a real-time analysis of more than 140 French political leader on KANTAR French Political Pulse)

Later in July, other political turning points continued to make the buzz on Twitter, including the resignation of Mr. Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) as leader of the UKIP (@UKIP).

3/ In-depth post-Brexit reactions analysis generated the buzz and it plunges the world into some uncertainty

Not even half day after the results were announced, the french media LE FIGARO (@lefigaro) published a detailed analysis of the 4 millions of reactions on Twitter to the #BREXIT thanks to VIGIGLOBE: Déjà plus de 4 millions de tweets sur le #Brexit

4/ British Humor spread throughout the world, even touching the #EURO2016:

The #EUReferendum occurred in the middle of the UEFA’s #EURO2016 European Football Cup.

The English (@England), the Irish (@) and the Welsh (@) football teams from the UK were participating to this is major football tournament in France.

VIGIGLOBE was partnering with the french TV Broadcaster M6 (@M6) to help them analyzing in real-time the reactions of millions of fans on Twitter to the various matches that were broadcasted live on-air during the competition. One of them was the match where England was playing against Island on Monday 27 June in Nice for a place in quarter final.

The defeat of the English team 1-2 only four days after the #EURef lead to a strong buzz of #BREXIT inside the discussions around #ANGISL in French language.


The #BREXIT has been a turning point in the political history of Europe, generating tens of millions of reactions on Twitter, and VIGIGLOBE

Keep on understanding what is happening around UK Politics on KANTAR’s UK Political Pulse and on post-#BREXIT specifically on EU ENGAGE’s Brexit Pulse