Smart Data-Driven Alerting

Smart Data-Driven Alerting

The revolutionary alerting system that maximises the impact of your real-time marketing campaigns

A contextualised approach for a better marketing strategy

Maximise the impact of your marketing activations based on the evolution of social conversations around your brand, your industry or more globally your topics of interest.

Learn from the past and detect anomalies in real-time !

Our cutting edge alerting system is learning from past data in order to detect anomalies occurring on social media about the topics that matter to you. Triggr alerts instantly to help you make the right decision





A fully automatised and non-cookie based technology powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms

When automatic notifications become triggering events

These notifications can take the form of an email sent to a pre-defined list of recipients or be pushed to any Data Management Platform or any server thanks to our API.

guillemetsThe use of VIGIGLOBE’s solution, combined with the Moment Marketing Plateform developped by TVTY, generates a major reduction in the cost of user engagement and a significant improvement of the digital performance of our clients’ marketing campaigns.

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