US Elections 2016 analysis of Democrats and Republican Conventions


The US Presidential Elections will bring US citizens to vote in November 2016 but the summer was a turning point for the race to the White House and the heat was on now that the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention have wrapped up in July.

For the Republicans, Donald Trump (@realdonaldtrump) and his Vice President Mike Pence (@govpencein) opened the ball that was held between July 18–21, 2016, at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, under #GOPinCLE.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) and her Vice President Time Kaine (@timkaine) lead their convention a few days later beginning on July 25, 2016 and concluded on July 28, 2016, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, gathered under #DemsinPhilly.

It was the first opportunity during these US Elections 2016 for the US division of our long-dating partner KANTAR (@kantar), to setup a project in WIZR™ and run real-time social media analytics around the two Presidential candidates and their respective Running Mates.

This article explains which insights KANTAR found out from our Real-time Social Media Analytics interactive dashboards and the in-depth US Elections 2016 analysis they were able to conduct based on our WIZR™ interface.

Interactive real-time dashboards

Throughout the month of July, KANTAR has integrated our interactive real-time dashboard on their public website homepage and on a dedicated webpage to redirect traffic of visitors to this page. In parallel, they have communicated live during the various key moments of the Democrats and Republican Conventions  on their Twitter account :

Kantar US in-depth analysis

More in-depth analysis was conducted by Kantar US Editor Elizabeth Wilner ( who published three articles (see below for the full articles):

  1. About last night (published 7/19/16 17:40EST)
  2. Two convention debuts (published 7/26/16 14:00EST)
  3. A tale of two conventions (published 7/29/16 11:30EST)

WIZR™ real-time social media analytics allowed KANTAR to outline to their thousands of customers and digital followers key innovative insights about how Twitterers were reacting to the two presidential candidates and their running mates for the US Elections 2016.

This includes outlining how sentiment evolved for Mr. Trump versus Mrs. Clinton, the type of audience of supporters and anti-supporters on Twitter but also digging into the precise content the millions of messages around them. This includes the reactions to Melania Trump’s Michelle Obama moment, to Bernie Sanders looming moment, to @POTUS speech, but also allowed a thorough comparison of reactions to both conventions.

Wrap-up : the heat was clearly on !

Over the month of July, WIZR™ has analyzed for Kantar more than 55 millions Tweets in English languages on the two presidential candidates and their running mates.

The heat was on but it is very likely nothing compared what’s gonna happen in the final stage of these US Elections 2016 analysis. To be continued on (powered by Vigiglobe).