Vigiglobe launches TRIGGR :
A revolutionary automatic alerting technology based on real-time social media analytics that maximises the impact of digital marketing campaigns

Vigiglobe, the specialist in real-time social media analytics, launches TRIGGR. A disruptive non-cookie based technology that allows the programmatic industry to maximise the efficiency and reach of digital advertising campaigns and real-time buy (RTB).

« TRIGGR is a smart and automatic alerting solution to trigger programmatic campaigns while taking into account the context of conversations happening on social media in real-time. TRIGGR is a revolution for the Programmatic industry as it’s not cookie-based ! » explains Leendert de Voogd, Vigiglobe’s CEO.

TRIGGR uses WIZR™ – the technology developed by Vigiglobe based on algorithms in artificial intelligence – to analyse conversations on social media in real-time. It combines – in any possible way – both quantitative indicators (messages and audience volumetrics) as well as qualitative indicators (sentiment evolution, changes in the socio-demographic profiling of an audience, etc.) to become ad-triggers at the best moment.

Not cookie-based (i.e based on behavorial habits), this technology is disruptive for Programmatic Marketing as it is instead based on the analysis of what people say spontaneously and publicly on social media in real-time.

This can therefore be used by programmatic experts to trigger specific digital ad campaigns only when specific segments of audience talk in a specific way on social media about specific topics.

TRIGGR has already been successfully used in the UK by Danone-Actimel in collaboration with TVTY in order to trigger targeted digital ads as soon as specific pre-defined keywords began to buzz on social media.

« The use of TRIGGR generates a major reduction in the cost of user engagement and a significant improvement of the digital performance. Thanks to those positive results, Danone Actimel is already considering to extend the scope of action to additional geographies. Other campaigns are still active and confirm the positive impact that TRIGGR has on the ROI of digital campaigns.» says P. Osdoit, Marketing Director of TVTY.


About Vigiglobe :

Vigiglobe is the specialist in real-time social media analytics.

Based in Sophia-Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris, London and Brussels, Vigiglobe has developped WIZR™, the solution for real-time social media analytics based on artificial intelligence algorithms, and helps many brands, agencies, media and institutions on taylor-made operations.

Our latest clients include : Twitter, Microsoft, Kantar, TNS Group, GroupM, OMD, Volkswagen, CBS, SkyNEWS, BFMTV-RMC, Endemol, Eurovision, M6 Télévisions, Le Figaro, 20Minutes, etc.