At Vigiglobe we believe that Partnerships are critical for the success of our company and the way we service our clients

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 Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning!
– Bill Gates –


Twitter Partnership

Twitter inc. has selected Vigiglobe as one of its Media Technology Partner. This enables Vigiglobe’s clients to broadcast our analysis based on Twitter data on any public display (TV, Web pages, Digital out of Home…).

Facebook logo

Facebook has selected Vigiglobe to be part of their very selective ecosystem. This partnership enables us to get access to the real-time stream all public status updates on Facebook and grant us a special right to display the results of our analysis in a public manner.

GNIP Partnership

GNIP was recently acquired by Twitter inc. and is a major social data provider. Our partnership with GNIP ensures that our clients get an access to a reliable and exhaustive stream of data from Twitter in real-time.

Microsoft Partnership

Vigiglobe was selected by Microsoft to be part of its Bizspark+ partnership. This ensures a privileged access to the Microsoft Azure Cloud service and to their latest developments.