With this exciting release, Vigiglobe unveils its intention to offer the most precise and powerfull tool for drilling down Real Time Social Media Analytics.

The dashboard becomes fully interactive, it is responsive and tactile compliant.

Your public widgets displays are cross filterable using all enriched dimensions.

Image recognition is getting its way through, all your data is now processed, check the WIZR™ API PUBLIC to understand the already available related enrichments.

The alerting of volumetric anomalies on every dimension can be tracked by WIZR™, this feature is API first and is fully driven through the WIZR™ API ADMIN. Advanced users only!

Issue summary

New features

Dashboard, interactivity

You were used to dashboard interactivity through a few widgets already, the interactivity is now broaden to:

  • Toolbar: calendar
  • Toolbar: queries, tags, tag groups
  • Toolbar: brands
  • Widget: mood
  • Widget: gender
  • Widget: age ranges
  • Widget: Klout scores
  • Widget: word cloud
  • Widget: geolocation
  • Widget: top brands
  • Widget: compare tags table
  • Widget: timeline
  • Widget: top languages

You can now filter all the dashboard based on sentiment tone, gender, age ranges and a Klout score range for instance.

Check it out, it is pretty intuitive, you can simply select your desired dimension of focus from the widget, be aware that you can also click drag and maintain on the timeline to select a time period.

Related documentation will be updated very soon: Interacting with the Dashboard.




Image recognition

Did you know we were processing pictures on the top of text since WIZR™ 0.4.9? Indeed, gender and age enrichments are also operated based on image recognition for an all languages operability and better assessment.
Our image recognition enrichments are various, and it is now extended to sexual explicit content, whether it located within the picture of an author or its message content.


Read Manage Curation: Medias for reaching this new level of control. We strongly recommend to toggle on suggestive and sexual explicit content for all your public displays, or when facing an audience.

More image recognition magic will come soon…

Widget Message feed

Have you been waiting for this feature? Did you have any doubts about sentiment quality analysis?


Sentiment tonality is now directly displayed over each message feed cards.


Public Widget Odometer displays a rolling effect respectful of real-time ingestion. This widget is a favorite on most of our DOOHs, war rooms and public displays.

Public Widgets data-filters brings cross filtering up to any public widget available from our library. Read more about Public Widgets data-filters.

Widgets: age, gender: exploiting image recognition enrichments route.widget_microsoft_cac40_odometer_small

Bug fixes

  • Timeline export csv fix.
  • Microsoft IE9, IE10 and Microsoft Edge public displays fixes.
  • Dashboard, time picker: fixed a UTC bug within the calendar time picker.
  • Widget, gender: fixed rendering bug.
  • Widget, mood: fixed mouth positioning.
  • Cross filtering: fixed brands and languages dropdown selection.
  • Case sensitive curation social accounts lists fix.


WIZR™ version 0.4.10 is an intermediate release. This is a first step before all exhaustive enrichments become cross filterable, awaits for next WIZR™ version 0.4.11.


Exhaustive documentation is now available for both the WIZR™ APP and WIZR™ API PUBLIC and WIZR™ API ADMIN, the entrance point is your Knowledge Base.


Service Level Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Service


Any questions, or concerns with this new release? Get in touch with your dedicated Support Team now!
We have just moved into our new premises by the way, we are still in Sophia Antipolis, please update our details.