WIZR™ 0.5.0  is available, this new version of WIZR™ unveils a major feature: smart alerting for all your projects!

WIZR™ minor releases 0.4.12, 0.4.13 and 0.4.14  were pushed recently without public announcement. You already benefit from the add-ons of those previous releases. In case you missed the latest features, we detail their scope in this release note.

Enjoy WIZR™ 0.5.0 and keep up to date with your social pulses, anytime, anywhere!

Issue summary

New features 0.5.0 + 0.4.14 + 0.4.13 + 0.4.12

Smart Alerting

The smart alerting panel allows the creation of two types of volumetric alerts:

  • automatic
  • manual (threshold based)

Triggering alerts are sent by email, inviting you to connect to the WIZR™ platform for a perfect contextualized focus.

Documentation is up to date: read Manage Alerts for comprehensive guide through.

Message feed, Bursting and Top messages

The message feed widget offers the capability to highlight top and bursting messages over any cross filtering presets. Read more about this very powerful feature on Message feed. Another top feature which we cannot stop playing with.

Toolbar navigation

As you may have noticed, the topbar is constantly improved. It is becoming the central access to features and generic interactions. We now call it toolbar.

Only visible from your dashboard, it now allows direct access to the following features:

Bug fixes

WIZR™ 0.4.14
  • side panel animation fix
  • Safari dropdown fix
WIZR™ 0.4.13
  • fixed tags and tag groups image uploading
  • cross filtering debug
  • fixed creation dates on home page tiles
  • project settings calendar replacement
WIZR™ 0.4.12
  • change historical project time range
  • several cross filtering fixes
  • fixed creation dates on home page tiles
  • auto reload fix on new release


Smart Alerting + Top Bar ingestion control + Euro 2016 integrations enhancements.


Exhaustive documentation is available for both the WIZR™ APP and WIZR™ API PUBLIC and WIZR™ API ADMIN, the entrance point is your Knowledge Base.


Service Level Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Service


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