WIZR™ 0.5.1 is available, this new version of WIZR™ unveils major features:

Image recognition and Video recognition for all your social analytics, for both authoring and content!

Sentiment analysis has never been so precise, you now benefit from 15 corporas, as well as  up to date topicisation.

Vigiglobe is spending a considerable amount of time to serve you the best User Experience as possible to set up fast and precise analytics. This is why we do not hesitate to revamp frequently the user interface according to your usage and frustrations. We hope you will enjoy the new Home and overall navigation.

We wish to provide as much flexibility as you can express, do not hesitate to ping Sam on the Chat Channel and suggest her enhancements or new features.

Enjoy WIZR™ 0.5.1 and digesting feeds with awareness and precision! Vigiglobe is taking medias insights and time parsing to a new level.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. We’re eager for your feedback!

Issue summary

New 0.5.1 features

Image recognition and video recognition

2 major features allowing us to serve you even more precise gender, age, and topics enrichments. Our close partnership with Microsoft leverage the hierarchisation of the Image Recognition Categories. You will enjoy the straight intuitiveness of this never seen before categories drill downs.

Your feeds are becoming perfect lectures of the bursting medias, topics, and expression intentions across the world. We enrich image avatars and enclosed medias with the followings:

Author Avatar card extension
  • gender
  • age
  • racy, porn sensitiveness

author image recgnition

Medias card extension
  • links
  • videos
  • streams (Periscope)
  • images
  • hierarchical image categories enrichment


Hierarchical Image Recognition Categories

Leveraging our partnership with Microsoft, we took their enrichments one step beyond and serve a perfect hierarchically organised structure, allowing do drill down parents and children.

The leveling down is progressive and perfectly classified:

  1. parent level: 26 categories
  2. child level: 162 categories
  3. grand child level: 2101 categories

A new widget and cross filtering user interface allows to point and understand easily where you are located within multiple hierarchies. More about image categories

image recognition categories

Multilingual and multi topics Sentiment Analysis

Natural Language Processing habits at Vigiglobe takes to impressive quality levels, we maintain and grow our generalistic and specific language topic centered approaches.

Sentiment analysis benefits now from 15 corporas, covering: arabic, catalan, dutch, english, french, german, italian, portuguese, spanish, as well as  up to date topicisation, covering: politics, sports, tourism, restauration, entertainment and generic expressions.sentiment analysis bar chart

Home and Navigation revamp

We have faced some limitations in terms of number of queries displayable, and met other issues with the tags exploitation. Some of you have very extensive usage or the service, thanks for that! Pushing our limit helps us, and we will soon serve your dashboard creation with the same flow as we do with real-time social medias analytics.

The new Home represents a first step in building the new User Experience approach. Enjoy the response time, and its sorting capabilities. It is vital that we get your feedback from our intentions, do not hesitate to tackle and challenge us!wizr home page

Bug fixes

  • fixed querying breach on Public API
  • fix alert edit glitch
  • fix last alert comparator
  • fix tags prevent save glitch
  • fix common filters
  • refactor mood tile to avoid rendering bug
  • fix wrong topbar width on refresh


New Home + New Tool Bar Navigation + Sentiment multiple + Image Video Recognition.


Documentation is kept up to date for both the WIZR™ APP and WIZR™ API PUBLIC and WIZR™ API ADMIN, the entrance point is your Knowledge Base.


Service Level Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Service


Any questions, or concerns with this new release? Get in touch with your dedicated Support Team now!