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WIZR™ Social Media Analytics Platform

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Get WIZR to…

  • Identify trending topics on social media before anyone else
  • Provide relevant and unique content to your audience
  • Create new experiences for your audience
  • Increase the retention of your audience and bring new ones in

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Get WIZR to…

  • Pitch new business
  • Imagine unique digital marketing strategies
  • Launch new types of marketing campaigns
  • Feed your clients with impactful inputs


Get WIZR to…

  • Know what people say spontaneously about you
  • Understand your customers’ needs
  • Engage with your customers
  • Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns
  • Analyse your competitive landscape

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Get WIZR to…

  • Understand how opinions evolve over time
  • Anticipate reactions to public policies
  • Evaluate the impact of public interventions
  • Identify supported arguments within a specific topical issue
  • Interact with the public at large directly

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Wizr Dashboard
  • Data collections
  • Data mining & enrichments
  • Data & analytics visualisations
  • Image recognition
  • All spoken languages recognised and analysed
  • Sentiment analysis available in 8 languages (Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • More languages are being included on an on-going basis
  • 100% of public posts are being collected and analysed by WIZR
  • Exhaustiveness guaranteed through privileged partnerships with the most important Social Networks
  • High precision both at the level of data collection as well as of enrichments
  • Freedom: create as many projects as you want!
  • The volume of data analysed is the only thing that matters
  • No limit in the number of queries or keywords in a project
  • The volume of data generated by these queries is the only thing that matters
  • Browse into your data set by selecting specific time range of interest
  • Go back in time, identify specific peaks of volume, zoom into this time range, compare patterns with past data!
  • Fully API-driven
  • Easy integration of all our analytics offered to Developers
  • Historical and real-time insights from our API
  • Easy export into different file formats (JSON, CSV, JPG, PDF…)
  • Easy integration of WIZR™ data into other reporting or BI tools
  • Instant overview of the most used expressions and hashtags or the most mentioned social media users
  • « Tag cloud inception »: dig deeper in the analysis by choosing a specific word or expression as a filter
  • Real-time sentiment score
  • Contextualised approach to ensure the accuracy of our analytics for all our clients
  • Gender split
  • Age groups
  • Location distribution
  • Influence level…
  • Constant tracking of tens of thousands brands associated with any discussion
  • Immediate status of your competitive landscape around a specific topic
  • Impact measurement of a sponsorship around a specific event
  • Wide range of Topic clustering depending on the domain of interest
  • Aggregated and relevant analysis of the social data collected while being industry centric
  • Extraction of representations, objects, places or scenes contained in images
  • Clustering based on the content of images associated to messages
  • Advanced curation of posts including images
  • Endless number of filtering features
  • Unmatched level of analytical depth